Über Leben in Demmin — Surviving in Demmin

Sometimes it seems like fate, chains of coincidences that stop you to let go of a topic. Those moments you suddenly find it everywhere and nowhere — in a book, in the stories of your family, when talking to friends and now even in a movie.

Albeit very briefly, I was in Demmin for a few days in March. Without having planned it directly, an excerpt from my article “Granny danced in the rain” was printed in the local press on the day of my arrival. The many comments and interesting conversations that I had subsequently with my family and friends strengthened my belief that this topic has still not lost its relevance. It was present and seems to be all the more present in the future.

As it turned out, a film about the same topic will be released in the near future: “Über Leben in Demmin — About Living in Demmin”. To those who know a bit of German “Überleben” if written in one word means surviving, which is the “double entendre” and represents the mood: “Surviving in Demmin”.

Official poster of the movie

Martin Farkas, the director, has worked on this issue in documentary form, interviewing witnesses and survivors of the horrors of the mass suicide, but also those people living in Demmin that exploit this topic for their own right-wing ideology.

The preview is therefore painfully gripping.

Premiere in Demmin will be on March 22nd and after that it will be shown a variety German cinemas, often with a foreword of the director himself.

So one can be curious and at the same time hope that the understanding of the people but also the situation of this town Demmin finally gets more attention.

When I told friends here in Norway about a film that is concerned with the same topic as Trude Teige’s “Mormor danset i regnet”, their eyes lit up. Her book has moved many readers here. So I thought why not bring Trude Teige together with the director of the film Martin Farkas and of course urgently meet Trude.

Trude’s book came totally out of the blue into my life and at the same time moved me so much that I wanted to get to know the woman behind this family story for a while now.

Finally, this is happening!

On Monday the 19th of March, so in a few days, I will meet Trude in Bergen.

My biggest hope to translate this book into German and to share the many other crazy ideas in my head, are one step closer to become reality.

So, stay tuned. More to follow!

Born in Demmin, Germany | lives in Norway | Norway WW2 stories | Genealogy | POW Crossville | researching events in 1940s Berlin for a documentary | my memories

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