My grandmother surrounded by her family
My grandmother surrounded by her family
My great grandmother surrounded by her family

When I was little, I was very lucky to have a great-grandma in Jarmen.

Her name was Betty and she only spoke “plattdeutsch” to me. A language spoken in the north of Germany.

She lived in a 1 bedroom apartment on Demminer Strasse, which is the main street that meanders through this small town in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. …

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Anna Deichmann — a tyskerjente and inspiration to the main character of a norwegian novel.

A few years ago the Norwegian author Trude Teige wrote a book called “Mormor danset i regnet”. This book´s storyline deals with the treatment and situation of the Norwegian “tyskerjentene” in Norway in the 1940s. During her research for this book Trude met Anna Deichmann, one of the few “tyskerjentene” who were still alive.

Since Anna’s story moved me very much when I heard it for the first time, I would like to share it with you here. …

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“Do you also wear these traditional costumes? What’s are they called again?”, Kate (American) asked me when we met for the first time. Kate is my work colleague and has lived here in Norway for a long time. She will become one of my best friends in the years to come.

“You mean dirndl?” I answer. “No, I haven’t, I’ve never had anything like that. Only people in southern Germany wear that.”

“Okay. I always thought that was so typical for Germany”.

“I love Germany, you know. I’ve driven through it with my children several times. The trains are wonderful. The “German Autobahn”! I was in Munich then. Oh man, the beer gardens, the beer! And everything is so cheap and clean. …


Born in Demmin, Germany | lives in Norway | Norway WW2 stories | Genealogy | POW Crossville | researching events in 1940s Berlin for a documentary | my memories

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